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This is the wiki of the blitwizard engine. You can create games with blitwizard!

This code will show a simple hello world greeting:

-- Open a window at size 300x100:, 100, "Hello world", false)
-- Create hello world text:
local text = blitwizard.font.text:new("Hello World from blitwizard!")

How to run it: Simply put this into a file named "game.lua" where "Run blitwizard.bat" is (the folder where you extracted all of blitwizard), and then double-click "Run blitwizard.bat"!

Doesn't work? (or you use Linux/Mac OS X?) Get more detailed instructions here!

Welcome to the documentation wiki for the blitwizard game engine. You can find all sorts of help and reference articles here to help you with blitwizard.


Beginner articles

Advanced stuff

Why should I use blitwizard?

The blitwizard engine was made for Lua, and it is optimised for rapid 2d game development. It sacrifices some detail control for offering a very powerful and expressive object oriented api.


There are community forums where you can meet up with other blitwizard users.