Get stuff

This site holds all blitwizard downloads you might be interested in, including the source code. Simply pick the package for your platform and you're set.

Please note blitwizard is still unstable and unfinished, so expect some breakage. It isn't unusable, but it still has the one or other notable bug or issue. Check ISSUES.txt for the most obvious problems.

Binary packages

Stable version

Note: Since the stable version (blitwizard 0.3) is pretty old and not working properly on many Windows computers, we don't recommend using it anymore. Grab the most recent development release instead.

Win32: blitwizard 0.3 Win32 binary (.zip)

Linux: blitwizard 0.3 Linux binary (.zip) (alternatively, take the source code package below)

Mac OS X: blitwizard 0.3 Mac OS X binary (.zip)

Android: for Android development, please obtain the source package and prepare a Linux machine (you can also do so in a VM).
On Windows, you can probably make an Android release work too, but it isn't officially supported and you'd make some hacks/changes here and there - so get a Linux somewhere, it's free!

Recent development version

This is the development version which is updated very frequently. It can be buggy or unstable, but if it works for you it brings you the latest greatness.

Win32: blitwizard 0.4 Win32 binary (.zip)

Linux: blitwizard 0.4 Linux binary (.zip) (alternatively, take the source code package below)

Source code

Stable (used for the binary packages above): blitwizard 0.3 source code package (.zip)

Bleeding edge development code: Head over to GitHub!

Bug tracker (for reporting bugs in blitwizard): GitHub bug tracker for blitwizard

A note about FFmpeg

FFmpeg is a library which, if present, allows blitwizard to play many more additional audio formats. FFmpeg is NOT provided or shipped with blitwizard, but many other applications installed on your PC might come with it (e.g. Steam) from where blitwizard will attempt to load it.

Technically, you can also ship the FFmpeg library with your blitwizard game. However, it seems to me the legal situation of doing that is complicated (FFmpeg implements patented audio technology), therefore you should be careful about that.